Neural bases of coding series of events within episodes

Task leader: LNC.

In executing a long series of similar actions, the remaining events on the list can be codedin terms of those already accomplished (retrospective) or those that remain to be done (prospective). These experiments will elucidate how the brain organizes the memories of representations of series of past and future series of events.


Neurophysiological recordings in rats performing behavioral task requiring sequences of visits to armson a radial maze (simple decision making) are performed. As a tool to determine what neural activity is related to these memory functions, recordings are compared between task versions requiring memory of previous visits or not.

Subtask 1 - Are prefrontal and hippocampal neuron activity modulated by demand for memory of prior (retrospective) or future (prospective) actions in a series of successively dependent events?

The objective of this study is to examine the activity of prefrontal and hippocampal neurons when the memory demands of the task vary.

Subtask 2 - Characterization of the prefrontal-striatal interaction during retrospective/prospective memory coding

The objective of this study is to investigate evidence for coding of prior and future actions in a series of dependent event in the interaction between prefrontal and striatal cell activity during performance of the radial maze task previously described.